Need to know how to set up dual boot off multiple hard drives

By rmscalise
Jan 25, 2006
  1. I am starting a computer forensics course next month, and I have to have windows 98 as my primary OS. I am building a new computer because my psu fried my last one. I need to put windows 98 on one Hard drive, with a slave hard drive, and I am transfering my current hard drive (which still has everything on it) over to this system as a 3rd hard drive. Basically 2 seperate computers in one case. I have never had to set up a dual boot before. Any one have any suggestions on how to do this? :confused:
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  3. rmscalise

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    Don't think I'll be able to salvage old drive info? Got some stuff on there the wife wants like pics, I don't really care, but figure if I can save them, I should try.
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