need to reinstall winxp?

By bigdan
Mar 16, 2006
  1. I've been having problems with my keyboard for the last few months and NO ONE has been able to help. I've bought 3 other keyboards to test and neitehr of them will work. Furthermore they all work at the first screen when one restarts the computer, where you click delete to enter BIOS or f8 to go into safe mode. Therefore I'm concluding (and I could be wrong? please share opinions) that there is some kinda conflict somewhere. In this case if I reisntall windows would that fix the problem? Someone I dont know well told me this could lead to lots of problems if my keyboard isnt working, reinstalling can be really difficult and I might need to take it to a store etc etc. Can ANYONE advise? I've had this problem for motnhs and it doesnt look like its going anywhere.

    Oh btw just to add: earlier on if the keyboard was even connected to the computer when windows started, the mouse wouldnt work either. I deleted the keyboard in control panel, since then if its connected to the computer its fine (and the mouse is fine too) but as soon as i press any button on the keyboard not only will it not work but the mouse will also freeze. can anyone explain what could be going on, and if i have any options besides reinstalling?

    thanks guys
  2. Qu3ntin

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    not a fix, but a comment


    sounds like a tight situation your in. i dont know what to tell you to help you fix your keyboard. but when it comes to reinstalling windows, it would be a problem if your keyboard doesnt work when you need to enter your serial or what have you. but, on a good note, from what i would assume, is that if your keyboard seems to function good in both safe mode and in the load up screen then my guess would be that it would also perform normally during the set up. now, weather it works once u reinstall windows is another question that i can't answer.

    but im sure i dont need to tell ya to check the drivers, update them. or uninstall and reinstall drivers. make sure its showing up in your device manager and what have you. all that simple stuff that im sure you've done.
  3. bigdan

    bigdan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for comments.

    doesnt work in safe mode, works in the DOS screen where i press f8 to ENTER safe mode. once any kinda windows is up im screwed.

    i plain erased the keyboard. nothing to do with updating. since its plug and play i assume thats safe?
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