need to replace DVD drive in laptop, have some questions

By potato ยท 6 replies
Oct 8, 2006
  1. i need to replace the CD/DVD combo drive in my laptop. but how do i know what brand fits inside?

    i was searching on and there are a few models by LG and sony, but it doesnt say what laptops these fit in. are all the drives pretty much universal?

    i have a fujitsu N5010. its pretty much the same as a toshiba laptop. the CD drive currently installed is a toshiba combo drive. i think the drive is pretty outdated so i wanted to get a newer different brand model.
  2. Tedster

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    the problem is the shell, or outside of the drive. If you can remove or separate the shell from the drive, then any drive should work.
  3. Rick

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    Tedster is right. The connection is standard so it will work with your laptop, but the front bezel is generic and may not look good or even fit your laptop properly.

    Often times the bezel can be taken off your laptop's old drive and snapped on the new one, but snap-ins vary from model to model and definitely from brand to brand. If you stick with the same brand, you'll have a better chance it will work, but you won't know until you try. :)
  4. potato

    potato TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well, im going to remove the CD drive tonight and the older drive says its uses atapi.

    the LG is a Slim Combo Drive Black IDE, is that going to work?

    or will this one here work?
    SONY Slim Combo Drive Black ATA/EIDE/ATAPI

    here are the specs of the current drive i think

    SD-R6112 (f)

    # Applicable to ATAPI SFF8020i Rev. 2.6
    # ATAPI SFF8090 Ver. 5, Rev. 1.4
    # T13/1321D Rev. 3

    # Load/eject methods Eject by ATAPI command
    # Emergency eject
    # Manual load

    here is the link to the info, click on tech specs on bottom right
  5. korrupt

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    Your chances would probably improve if you bought one by the same manufacturer as your laptop... They tend to use the same clips etc...


  6. potato

    potato TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i dont really mind if my laptop looks like frankenstein :)

    i have measure the front and it meets the specs of the ones sold in the store

    here is a pic of what it looks like i found at a store

    this is a IDE/atapi drive, just to confirm what you guys said it doesnt matter if
    i buy an EIDE/atapi or ata/EIDE/atapi drive?
  7. Rick

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    IDE, EIDE, ATA = all the same stuff (for your intents). It's just everyone likes to use whatever terminology they can throw out there.
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