Need to transfer gigs to integrated video card

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Feb 12, 2005
  1. Hi, I just need help transferring some Gigs to my integrated video card right now its running on 8. I dont know what Im talking about but a co-worker has told me this and he doesnt remember how to do it. If anyone can help me that would be terrific, I would love to buy an updated video card but sadly i cant so maybe this will help im hoping???
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    I'm not exactly sure what your saying. My guess is that you want to get more system ram to increase the amount of ram available to your integrated video? Anyway unless you have a Dell that's about 2yrs. old, and a few other brands, you should be able to upgrade your video. You probably don't have an agp slot to add video cards to, but you can use a pci card and still get decent performance. Here's two of the best pci video cards.
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    From what I understand, My video card is only using 8megs of ram when it could be using 32, but i dont know how to change the settings on the video card.
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    video card

    Ok, I see what you're saying now. There might be an option in the BIOS to adjust that. Hit either f2 or del. (depends on your computer) while booting to enter the bios. Then find settings about video and see if there is an option to increase to 32mb etc. What video do you have? You can find out by right clicking the empty desktop, choosing properties, then clicking settings. It should then say Display: "your monitor" on "...." where .... is your video card. This is for xp, I think it is similar for other windows versions. Some integrated video chips don't have a selectable size, they just increase in relation to the amount of system ram you have. I think my dell has 32mb video memory if the memory is below 256mb., but above, it goes to 64mb.
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    to VN

    hi vn....
    i have the same problem.. but i dont have any BIOS option in setup..
    i press f10 for bios setup..but nothing there is related to AGP or video ram
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