Need to Upgrade with XP Pro Full Version

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Nov 27, 2004
  1. I have 5 copies of windows XP Pro Full edition, but I need to do an "In Place Upgrade". Why, if the Full version costs more than the upgrade version, won't it let me do an upgrade? Is there anyway to bypass this goofiness and use my full version to do an upgrade from win98?

    If I use an upgrade cd, it won't accept my full version product key. Even after upgrading with upgrade cd. I can't insert the full version product key with Magical Jellybean Key finder.

    Can someone explain the rational of why the more expensive product does less than the cheaper version?

    Does anybody know how to either:
    1) force the full version product key after an upgrade install
    2) do an upgrade with a full version disc?

    I've got 5 full versions of XP pro that are worthless to me at the moment.

  2. Nic

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    If you are upgrading to WinXP from Win98, then you are likely to suffer many problems and have an unstable system. If I were you, I'd reformat and do a clean install of WinXP, otherwise you may regret it at some point down the line. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but I've yet to see an upgrade from win98 to winxp that was without problems. Even if you later update all the drivers you will still find that some things won't work as expected and you may get various errors when installing some software further down the line. Do a clean install and follow this by updating to sp2 as soon as you can.
  3. vegasgmc

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    The full version and upgrade are identical. The upgrade is cheaper because you use it on a computer that already has a Windows OS. Its a price break because you already bought a license for the previous OS.
    If you boot the 98 computer from the XP cd it should give you the option of formatting and doing a clean install instead of an upgrade. Also product keys arent interchangable.
  4. Mr.3

    Mr.3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That's Exactly what I thought.

    That's Exactly what I thought. I figured they were identical, we'd be better off to buy the full version, so in the "unlikely event" ;) of needing to do a wipedown and restore, we wouldn't be scrambling looking for the Win98 discs that somebody probably threw out.

    The full and upgrade are not identical in the fact that it appears that you CAN NOT run an upgrade with the full version. Which makes absolutely no sense to me since we paid the higher price.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought they were identical,
  5. Mr.3

    Mr.3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I Was afraid of that.

    I Was afraid of that. After diddling with un-activated WinXP Pro Upgrade on two of the machines. They just didn't seem particularly stable. I figured since I was up past 3am. It was me that was unstable, not the XP. (What was I thinking!) We really didn't want to have to go through reloading all applications on all machines, but I think your's is the wiser route.

    I'd still like to know if there is a shortcut for using a full license (more expensive) for an XP upgrade (less expensive) in case we run up against something like this in the future.

  6. Nic

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    I must admit, I'd have thought that when running the setup you would be offered the choice to upgrade your existing version of windows. Did you run setup from within windows 98, or did you boot to the winxp cd to run setup? What choices did you get when trying to update?
  7. Mr.3

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    I figured out more of the mystery. But first to answer your question. Yes, I tried both booting the XP Pro CD and "Autoplaying" after win98se loaded.

    Part of the mystery, I've now figured out is: I'm calling this a "Full Version of XP Pro", but in reality it is an "OEM (Full) Version of XP Pro". I didn't want to complicate my question by talking about cloning the 98se drives from the old machines onto the drives from the new machines, reinstalling the drives, and then installing xp "full" over the clone of the 98se. Now I realize I left out an important part of the story.

    I found this in another support site: "A Full Retail XP WILL do an upgrade. No OEM version will do a upgrade."

    And to answer some of my "why": Micrsoft makes less money from an "OEM full" than a "Retail Upgrade". Here I was thinking I had a more expensive version and it should do more than an upgrade version. I guess it all boils down to money, what a suprise!

  8. tomh

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    Maybe this will work?

    Try running setup from within the OS you want to upgrade. Instead of booting from CD.

  9. mask

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    Full Version XP into Upgrade


    I leaned a few years ago how to turn a upgrade verson of 98 into a "full" version and "vice-versa". I'm almost positive it works the same way with XP.

    As a matter of fact I found you article doing a search on Google trying to find the same answer.

    I can't remember how to do it. I only know that you have to copy all the files from the CD to your hard drive, becuase there is a change you have to make to a couple of files.

    One is a .ini file in which you make a change to 1 or two lines. One of those line is a line with numbers and each number represents which kind of version you want it to be.

    In other words, an Upgrade version has the "exact" same files as a full version. Didn't know that did you....and for half the cost.

    I am trying to find that documentation on my computer. If I can't I'm sure I will find it on the web somewhere and I will get back with you on it.

    If you have found out please come back and post and let me know.

  10. alidabiri

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