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Jul 12, 2006
  1. Hello, i've searched google for tech issues previously and saw this site a couple times. Now i have a question of my own and thought, why not join myself?

    So here's the deal, i have recently bought a stock Dell XPS 200. Here's a link from the Dell website.

    Its really not a bad machine, but it has one problem. I'm a huge gamer, so i go out and buy this game i've been looking forward to for a very long time. Titan Quest. The game doesnt support my video card, apparently my card doesn't support some lighting features that is used in Titan Quest (and many other games that have been released recently) So all i need is some recommendations. i don't need a super chip thats going to handly the MOST EXTREME games out there, i really just want to play this, and i'm on a budget. I can deal with playing this on lower qualities if it means saving some money. A friend of mine has recommended a Radeon 9800, but i read somewhere that there are alot of issues with them. Its only arround $70 so its close to what i'm looking for, does anyone here have any idea?

    Also, i'm more than willing to spend more than just $70, but i'd like to spend as little as possible.
  2. Mirob

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  3. Ape

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    First off, sorry for posting this in the wrong forum. D'oh

    And yea, $70 isn't really my budget, i can go higher, but thats just the price of the card my friend recommended. Anything arround that price would be great but i can go higher. The x800gto you linked to looks just about perfect though, thanks for the help.

    Anyone else have any recommendations?
  4. nickslick74

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    In looking at you computer, it appears you need a "low profile" video card. If you have a decent amount of system memory then you may want to take a look at this one:
    If you read the reviews, about half way down (in all 28 of the reviews) someone with a XPS 200 posted. You will also need to be careful of how powerful of a card you get, your power supply is only rated at 275 watts. The 7300GS card is only a 64 bit card, but should work fine for most games at medium - low settings.
  5. Charles

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    I'm guessing what Titan Quest needs is HDR support, and from what I've heard Nvidia cards are better with HDR. You also might want to pop open your system and see how much space you have for the card. If you don't actually need a low-profile card it'd open up your options a lot more.
  6. Greenmachine

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    If you have the space (which I doubt) I would go for the X800GTO that Mirob posted. Enough power is going to be a problem when upgrading to a "worthy" card. Open up your case and look at your Power Supply to see if it is an ATX PSU. If it is then buying a better power supply and replacing it would be ideal. My guess is that it is not ATX (since your case is like 3.7" wide), that is the downside to buying the slim desktop PCs.

    Good Luck
  7. wolfram

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    Yes, if you can, get the X800GTO, is very powerful. I already have it, and I love it. Runs Half-Life 2 and other games without any single problem.
  8. Mirob

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    My sons computer with a 9600 all in wonder seems to play that game alright.
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