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Jan 29, 2008
  1. I had to format my C:drive several days ago, actually, I didn’t want to do this. My dell pc have been affected due to the virus, and after formatted the disk, my important word files have gone too. I never aware that the lost files can be recovered by a data recovery software until a friend of mine said it to me. I googled with “data recovery”, so many softwares were found: EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, easy recovery , active, undeleted. I don’t know which is the best one to buy, I don’t have too much money. Somebody recommend EASEUS, I have gone to his website, maybe it is a cost-effective one. Is there any more suggestion before I purchase EASEUS’s.
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  3. Nodsu

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    You should get something that lets you try it out beforehand and you have to pay for real recovery. A lot of your data has been overwritten by the new install and it would be pointless to buy something if there is nothing to recover.
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    i don't think anything can really restore those files but i agree with nodsu that you should download a trial or something first before you commit to buying something that your unsure of.
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    thanks very much,that's so kind of you . As you mentioned,I have downloaded a freetrial version from his website and I can see my word files in a recoverable list after an intelligent search,but I can not save the result of the recovery because it is a demo version.Maybe I should buy a full version to recover my files completely since it was recoverable.So,anyway,thanks very much.
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    I would not mess with anything that does not at lease save small files as demo goes
    and yes even a formated drives has data that can be saved
    formating does not erase tha data on drive just the FAT and MFT are deleted making it ready as (new) drive
    only writing 1's or 0's to drive erases and even then good recovery software can get some data back..need more info ask
    don't give up
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    There are several good recovery software downloads available on Some allow recovery of x number of files to test.

    Expense is really not related to quality.

    Otherwise, Consider buying Acronis, as it is usually low cost, and works well...
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