Needing DSL or other cheap high speed..

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May 29, 2007
  1. I currently have Dial Up through Bellsouth/Southwestern Bell/AT&T, and would love to get some DSL for 20USD or lower, but they don't offer there high speed here. I heard that Yahoo had a service, but couldn't find it on their site. Does anyone know of a good (non-cable and sattelite) dsl service?
  2. JimShady23

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    Cant help

    To be able to go with any other dsl service you atleast have to have service avaliable through who ever owns your telephone lines. Even if you did have service avaliable through AT&T and you wanted to lets say go with yahoo/sbc dsl you have to pay a hosting charge to AT&T to use their lines so it isnt usually any cheaper than going with your avaliable phone company

    If your cable or phone company does not offer high speed service in your area then you are going to have to just wait it out or go the satalite route.
  3. mopar man

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    Oh, ok. Thanks anyway.
  4. zipperman

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    Compareing prices

    Aren't you receiving offers in your mail,newspaper ads or your monthly bill for price comparisons.
    Where you live and where i live can't be compared.
    But i save by haveing Cable TV and Internet packaged.
    The odds of replys here from members that live where you live
    are very limited.
    Why not go to and look ?
  5. JimShady23

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    I may have jumed the gun with my last post but just to make sure I got some things strait.

    1.) Is your residential phone company Bellsouth/Southwestern Bell/AT&T or do you just use them for dial up ?

    2.) If not did you contact your local phone company to see if they have any dsl services avaliable ? If not just call them and have them do a line test when you are on the phone with you.

    3.) If you live in a rather rural area and the answer is YES to question 1 then dont expect them to upgrade your lines anytime soon as phone companies tend to not accomidate people that live in the crockers. I live in a small town where DSL and Cable internet are avaliable. My sister-in-law lives 5 miles out of town and nothing is avaliable to her however there is a sub-division less than 1/2 mile before her that gets service, when she asked the phone company (verizon) why they wouldnt put an amp in the line to get a dsl signal to her house they told her "it would cost to much on our end to make service avaliable to you we tend not to upgrade services if there wouldnt be a decent return in it for us"
  6. mopar man

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    We really can't afford any Cable/Sattelite, which is the problem.

    They are my phone company, but they also offer dial up, but no dsl.

    I have contacted them, and they said they didn't offer it here, and didn't know when they would.

    Well, we do live in a rural area, so we probably won't be able to get it anytime soon. Playing Counter-Strike: Source with a major lag here I come...:(
  7. NetCablesPlus

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    This may be utter nonsense, but I regularly see ads for Netzero and AOL claiming to have special 'speed up' technology for their dial up clients. Might be worth at least looking into. But I would sure research it quite a bit, before I signed up for anything like this.
  8. halo71

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    Are you saying BS does not offer DSL in your area?? I live a little NW of Atlanta, GA. Probably not too far from you. I can not imagine why they do not offer DSL in your area. And there is no DSL for $20 a month in this area. DSL Lite from BS runs around $32, but that does not include the phone line. I think your best bet would be the lowest speed that Comcast cable offers in your area. That is IF they offer it there. It will probably be around $35 a month. But at least you dont have to worry about paying for a phone line. Or try some of the "high speed" dial-up services mentioned above.
  9. zipperman

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    Quote :
    They are my phone company, but they also offer dial up, but no dsl.
    If they did i doubt from what you've said "You couldn't afford it"
    It's bound to be expensive.
    Like i said look around and compare what available where you live.
    Packages where you use more then 1 service are usually lower priced.
    Is Sprint in your area ?
    Note too: You need a local Telephone Number to use,not Long distance.

    Nobody in another part of N America can't say use theirs.
  10. gguerra

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    try it should give you all the options
  11. mopar man

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    Well, I live in Cleveland, and it seems like everyone else in town gets the service, but not us. You see, it's $25 a month for lite, which is what I would like to have. The only problem is really not being able to afford cable. Do you have to have cable tv to get the internet? From what I've heard, you do have to have, but its possible you dont. Thanks!
  12. halo71

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    If someone is telling you that you have to have cable TV to have cable internet, they are full of sheeot! I have DirecTV satellite, and Comcast cable for internet.

    In your first post you say that you would like to get DSL for $20 a month. But you CAN get it for $25 a month? That is not much difference in price. I would go that route before getting dial-up.
  13. mopar man

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    Oooh ok thanks. But the 25 a month, I can not get it for that price because of bellsouth not wanting to install the box thingy around us. But yes, I will look into Comcast/Charter.
  14. halo71

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    Keep in mind that Comcast is cable. It will be more expensive than DSL. At least from everything I have ever seen.
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