By Nerds5
Aug 19, 2007
  1. Hello to y'all. I am not a Tech and just know what my pc tell's me. I was trying to figure out how to do something and I always go to Google and that is how I hit y'all. I hope that you will let me stay!
    I am a 66 years old newbie and love my pc. Also love to find out new stuff that will help me. I was thinking about going to a Community College and take some lesson's but I would probably die first cause there is so much new stuff that comes out everyday and it just lets me know that boy, I am still a long way from learning.
    Where are y'all at? With the time difference I thought maybe Canada? I live in Mississppi. Right across the stateline from Memphis, TN.
    No mud between my toes! We got some rain yesterday. It was the first we have had in 3 months.
    If y'all are in Canada I just wanted to tell you that y'all have a beautiful country and that good looking Mel Gibson! Truely, I do love your country That is, if you are from there.
    Also, I have 2 grown children and 5 grandkids and 2 great grandkids. I have pics of them and that what I want. Then they can take them home. I hope this is what I was suppose to do.
    These pc's can make you feel really dumb. Well, maybe not y'all but boy sometimes I think that I am going backward.
    My husband bought me one about 6 years ago and it like a problem. He will not touch one and I love them. (If they are acting ok).
    That is it. I hope that you all will let me stay and maybe I can really learn. Thanks, Nerds5 and you can call me Nanny. That is what everyone else calls me. Again, thanks, and you have a great day. Now, I have to go eat.....Take care, Nanny

    Y'all be sure and let me know where you are and if I need help what to do. Thanks, Nerds5 / Nanny
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