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Nero 6.6 DVD Image file - this is one bizarre problem!

By dgmtoronto ยท 7 replies
Dec 20, 2004
  1. Hi all - I'm a newbie here.....I just used nero burning rom v6.6 for the first
    time and I have an interesting problem now - I have a huge 7.7+GB file hiding on my hard drive that I can't find to get rid of and free up the space. Here is what happened:

    1. I did a DVD copy from a movie using nero burning ROM wizard
    2. I used the default settings, which says it will create
    the image file in the path: C:\Documents and Settings\*user
    name*\My Documents\TempImage.nrg
    3. The creation of the dvd image completed successfully
    4. when I put in the dvd-r disc I was going to burn
    the image to when prompted by the program to do so, I
    got a message telling me that there was not sufficient
    space to write the image file (7.7GB vs only 4.3GB
    availabe on the DVD-R) (I didn't know I had to use software to shrink the file like DVD Shrink, but I know that now)
    5. Then the copy process stopped at this point.

    Now I can't find the 7.7GB image file anywhere on my system. I've gone from 10.7GB free to 3GB free on my hard drive and I want to find and delete the file to free up space. I've done all kinds of searches with view
    hidden files/folder enabled in windows explorer for
    nrg files iso files etc, I've even manually checked
    the default path where the image file is supposed to
    be and ITS NOT THERE....where is this image file????
    Any help and insight would be enourmously appreciated...

    Also if anyone knows of any packet writing software other than InCD, I would appreicate recommendations. :confused:
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Did you look in the Recycle Bin?

    Use the Windows search feature and set the file size to be at least 5GB in advanced options.

    It's under Start->Search..
  3. dgmtoronto

    dgmtoronto TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Already tried using windows search

    hey thanks for the reply to my post - like I said though, I already tried many variations of windows search, including setting the size for 1GB + 3GB+, etc. and it turned up nothing.....I tried searching for all of the nero-specific file formats even though I know the default format which was used is a .NRG format...I've rebooted several times, and still the free drive space shows as 3GB total where it should be 10.7GB and it must be this 7GB image that's sitting somewhere....this is so bizarre! Don't know what else to try.

    Thanks again and welcome any other ideas you have!
  4. bafotas

    bafotas TS Rookie

    Same problem 'ere!


    I have confronted exactly the same problem when I tried to burn a movie DVD. Could it be that it was probably copyright proteced or something like that? In my case, I have a Compaq Presario 2500 with a 40 GB hard disc and I've "lost" around 8 GB. The heck is going on?! Anyone knows anything?! Pls, HELP!!
  5. dgmtoronto

    dgmtoronto TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Missing Space Recovered - MYSTERIOUSLY

    Hey there....actually I recovered the missing 7+GB of HDD space - but I don't know exactly how. Like I said, I ran every search in the book, searched in safe mode, etc etc and with no effect and then a couple days later, after probably my 10th reboot since the start of the missing space, presto, there it was back on my drive....problems solved. Since then I have not had any recurrance and all is working smoothly in the DVD burning dept.

    The disc I was ripping at the time was not a copy protected disc; I don't know what to make of all this really. Just sum it up as a bizarre one time event that I hope doesn't occur to me again.

    A guy in another forum gave me a good tip that I didn't use since the problem went away but you may want to try it:

    boot into safe mode then go into DOS. Go to the c:/> prompt and type:

    del index.dat /s

    this will clear all of windows indexed files.... then reboot

    Good luck!

  6. mellowmanace

    mellowmanace TS Rookie

    nero dvd image file problem

    First search all DAT files in Windows via Windows search function (search for *.dat). Look if there are files with extension *.dat which have size "0 bytes", Those files might have an invalid byte size count, so delete them and see if you lost diskspace is back.

    If the problem persists, it may be caused by an erase protection service like Norton NPROTECT, a Symantec feature which stores deleted files even after they have been deleted in the recycler bin


    For example :
    1 - go to the command prompt in windows
    2 - go to c:\ (by pressing "cd\"), then press "dir/a" to show ALL files (hidden files included, you will see that your recycler bin is named "recycler")
    3 - enter the recycler folder by pressing "cd recycler"
    4 - type "dir/a" again in the c:\recycler folder, a folder with name NPROTECT is displayed
    5 - enter the NPROTECT folder by typing "cd nprotect"
    6 - delete every file in the NPROTECT folder by pressing "del *.*"
    7 - after you made your recycler folder empty at the DOS prompt, your lost disk space is back !!!

    TO AVOID Nprotect will cause the same problem again, you have to disable the Nprotect service :
    1 - click on the "start" button in Windows, then chose "run" and type "services.msc"
    2 - a list of your windows services will be displayed. Look for the "NProtect" service, double click on it chose start-up type "disable" en stop the service by clicking "stop".


  7. luvr

    luvr TS Enthusiast Posts: 59

    Did you select the "Search hidden files and folders" option, too? It's under the "More advanced options" heading in Windows XP.

    Having said that, I cannot make head or tail of Windows Search either; it often doesn't want to find files that I know must be there.
  8. Fuzehead

    Fuzehead TS Rookie

    Mysterious Nero Image File Solution

    I had the same problem happen to me yesterday.

    Here is the solution:

    Reboot your computer into Dos or Command Prompt mode.

    Next navigate to the following directory (I am assuming your using WinXp or 2K):

    C:\Documents and Settings\Root Account\Local Settings\Temp

    Notes about the above file path:

    Root Account = the main account you use to log onto your pc

    if it is dgmtoronto then C:\Documents and Settings\dgmtoronto\

    Local Settings is a hidden folder, so it will not show up if you execute the command dir, just type cd local settings or cd local*

    Once your in the temp dir type del *.*, you will be prompted to confirm your action type y and hit enter.

    Once you get the command prompt again exit the dos box and reboot and presto mystery image file is gone.
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