nero 6 communication failure Abit amd xp2900 dvd dvr cdrom coasters

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The abit 8n mobo with xp2900 amd cpu has buss speed set by the bios
setup program. The speed assigned to the ide channels is very close to
the max, which could lead to dvd-rom and dvd-recorder communication errors
detected and reported by Nero software.

A typical Nero report is "Communication Failure" when trying to create a dvd or read a dvd. Most sensitive are recordings to slow speed dvd-rw disks and dvd-r 4X/8X disks. If your Nero software makes a coaster instead of a dvd, then read further.

To confirm this problem on a given abit board, change the cpu speed to the fail-safe default, about 990mhz. Reboot and try whatevert failed. If it fails, then the ide channels may indeed be corrupt, but what is more likely is that Nero will work as advertised. An acid test is to record a dvd-r to dvd-rw at 1X speed. If it works, then speed was the problem, most likely.

Several mobo samples changed behavior when the FSB speed went from 217mhz [6:2:1] to 200mhz [6:2:1]. So it may be possible to tune the FSB speed and eliminate the Nero "Communication Failure". Overclockers beware.

Curiously, others have reported .dll libraries as the culprit and some have suggested getting a new ide controller for the pci buss, declaring the onboard ide to be junk. The reports here are suspect, because the problem seems to
be speed and probably the ide controller and libraries are ok, only the setup is wrong. Partly confirming this conclusion is the fact that parties invariably replace ide cables and via software/drivers for the ide channels, to no avail. One report declared that 40-conductor cables produced errors while 80-conductor cables (recommended) cured the problem. Getting another motherboard might cure the problem also, because the trouble has not been seen except on a few mobos. Right now, the mobo costs about $50.
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