Nero and Roxio suck?

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Apr 3, 2006
  1. I have been reading some reviews and I get the picture that both Nero 7 and Roxio 8 suck pretty bad. The reviews were far worse for the Nero software than the other, but they are not very good either way. Are these reviews bogus - do these bundles really do what they adveritise and don't crash systems in the process? If not, what other software is there that will do the entire job right?
  2. Spike

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    Please post a link to a sample of said r5eviews, and we shall endeavour to agree or disagree with them. lol

    seriously though, the bundles do majorly suck, but mainly for the unwanted bloat as far as I'm concerned.
  3. bradthegreat

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  4. Spike

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    I actually agree with a lot of what's been posted there.

    Nero did indeed release the product earlier than they should have. In fact, when I downloaded Nero 7 Premium, the help files were a seperate download, and the excuse for this was that they "hadn't had time to integrate thewm yet". And yes, I also find that Nero Scout is a completely unnessecary pain in the backside.

    However, the nero 7 bundle hasn't slowed my system at all, and it hasn't shown itself to be the least bit buggy. What it does do though, is take up a rediculous amount of space.
  5. bradthegreat

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    so, when the dust settles, would you reccomend getting Nero, going with whatever the DVD burner ships with, or getting another software package? I have heard that Nero's the best, so maybe I shouldn't give up on it so fast. Thanks for the quick replies - you are awesome.
  6. Spike

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    well, if the burner ships with something, use that. I wouldn't really reccommend Nero for sake of its price vs what you currently get for ou money, but if it comes with your drive, then simply be selective about what you want to install, rather than doing a complete install.
  7. bryan829

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    I installed the new version of Nero 7, the burning rom and express seems to work fine with no problems. But Nero Vision has wigged out on me. It takes about 3-5 minutes to load and then when I try to create chapters now it just hangs until it becomes unresponsive. And when I chose not to create chapters it took an insane amount of time to convert and burn to a disk(all night affair).
    Is there an alternative to Nero 7 (and Roxio) that will allow the user to create a menu and chapters that doesnt lag and can be installed on same PC as Nero without any conflicts? I have been using another (cheaper) authoring/burning program(Super DVD creater) when I dont need chapters, but there are times when I need to add menus and chapters at certain points. What would be the best program to this with?
    Thanks for any help! Oh and my OS is WinXP Pro w/SP2, Thanks again,

  8. Samstoned

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    dvdlab pro is the best
    to short
    dvd lab pro supports almost all mpg type formats 3ac sound
    special menu writing authoring is so easy
    and it is fast on my system anyways
    my friends like movie factory (ulead) for low quility mpegs
    dvdlab will not do mpg1
    need more info pm me I will send screen shot
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