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Apr 1, 2006
  1. I set up a backup routine, using the wizard on Nero 6 BackItUp, trying to back up several files from my desktop computer's hard drive to an external hard drive. I was using compression & doing a full backup. The next thing I noticed was a lot of little icons appearing in my lower tray, on the right, which I ignored. Then, the next thing I noticed, several hours later, is that the routine was still grinding away, and was trying to do EIGHT backups simultaneously. Eight identical sets of files were being written to the external hard drive, and my drive was almost full when I finally got the program to stop grinding away. Does anyone know what might have caused this to happen? I'd like to know... After I deleted everything, I re-did the wizard, without compression this time & ran the program, & so far it's working fine. Why would it do what it did the first time, making duplicate backups on it's own volition? Is this something that Nero BackItUp is known to do? Thanks for any input on this.
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    BackitUp uses a Job wizard each time you set up a Back up using "new job"
    It also maintains a history list of Back ups along with a configuration file for each one.The sceduler will start these if you don't delete them or nulify the start time and frequency.
    Is it possible you have a few jobs that you configured and they have a schedule set , that all run into each other.
    Check the job history and scheduling for each one make sure none can start or better yet delete any jobs that are obsolete or redundant.
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    Thanks for your reply. What you pointed out, however, was not the cause of what happened to me. The program just created several copies of itself all at once, like a feedback loop or something. There weren't any other backup jobs pending or active, as I had previously deleted them in the program. This was a new backup & new job, setup with the wizard. It was strange -- I was wondering if this had occured before in using the wizard & setting up a new backup & job. I had to delete all the files, which took a while, as they filled up my 160GB external hard drive. The program is working OK now -- I'm using the Update selection for type of backupk -- I hope it's the correct one. The other two are confusing. I just want the program to backup any changes since the previous backup, & keep everything that didn't change. I don't know if the selections Incremental & Differential would be better to use for what I want. Please advise on this, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. Thanks...
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    I'm not exactly sure about the Nero6 definition of the terms Incremental & Differential , but in other software I used Incremental is by Date & Differential is by Size. So if it sees either a new date or a new size to the file it backs it up.
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    Nero's definition is a little different.
    An incremental Back up is based on the File/s in the first Full backup. Every time a file is changed or Deleted etc. The actual next back up job will only copy these changes. This process is quicker since only changes are copied.
    However, when it comes to re-install after a loss you have to rebuild starting from the first Fulll Job and then each individual incremental backup files.
    This could be very time consuming if your Data is changed say every day.

    Differential takes more time to Backup but shorter time to reinstall. This is because a Differential Backup Only backs up the files that have Changed since the first Full Backup,In one File(Adds to itself). All file changes over time are kept in one file .
    Therefore if you have to reinstall from backup you have only two files to use .First the Full original and then the Differential. Differential backups take more time to process as time goes by, since it will grow as your changes occur.
    I prefer this model because , when the Differential file takes too long to process, that is like a reminder to Run a new Full backup and start again.
    I hope that helps.
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