Nero Express "add window"

By Captain828
Sep 10, 2006
  1. I was charging my MX1000 mouse and had to burn something on a DVD. I added a couple of files in Nero Express, thru the "add" window and I saw as it was going more and more out of the srceen. After a couple of "add"s it was totally offscreen.
    Mouse got recharged (a bit, lol) by now, but no way to bring it back to use it anymore.
    So now when I press the "add" button, it seems to create the window offscreen. I tried moving it, no way to reach it (the weird X cursor appears, but still can't get it back onscreen).
    I tried setting everything to default, but the window still pops offscreen. And no, I don't have two displays (running ForceWare 91.47, single display setting)

    Anyone have any ideas?

    PS: another of my "Nero Express bugs" is that I can't add ZIP files thru the Add window when I have WinRAR. (though I can drag them there)
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