Nero Issues , Need Help

By LegendaryU2K
Feb 17, 2005
  1. Alright here is the problem that i am having.

    First off, i am using an old version of nero, 5. something, something. Second i am only using one drive i guess its my DVD drive:

    "IDE-CD R/RW 8X4X32"

    When trying to burn something on a cd-r, i cant. I guess using a cd r/rw drive wont let me burn stuff onto a cd-r(this sucks for real). Now here is the problem right now.

    I am trying to Write to CD , I got Zip files, and some exe files, Total = over 500MB. So i go to add them to the compilation, and then i go to write them onto my cd(CD-RW) and an error comes up at the end of the session:

    Invaid Write State
    Could not Perform End Track
    Burn Process Failed at 4x(600kbs)

    Ok , what is the problem here? Software or hardware issue.

    Note: I had to remove one of my drives, so i am only using my dvd drive, which is drive D on windows 98 se.

    Is it possible to burn or write stuff onto a CD-R using a cd-rw drive? please tell me whats really going on, also tell me what other program is good like nero, thanks.
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