Netbook's os from external hard drive how to remove to replace new os directly to netbook

I have dell mini inspiron 9
and its os is on external hard drive I want to delete the os from the drive to make it as a storage and install new os for netbook..
windows xp sp3. , the os I want to install..
Ok I get it thanks uhm .. another question..
I can do it when both of my drives plug in? I mean my external hard drive and the usb?
so I can delete the os from external hard drive.
now after all the installation can I delete the os from the usb that ive used for installing windows?


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It looks horrendously complicated but you are running Windows 7 so try the Microsoft Windows 7 USB Download Tool. It could hardly be simpler so long as you have your Windows ISO prepared. Anyone trying to install XP in the light of it losing all Microsoft support in a few months is making a big mistake. Windows 7 Starter is a far better and more secure option than XP for a netbook.


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Apologies, I got my facts wrong on this. The netbook is over five years old and came with XP Media Centre installed. You'll not want to pay out money for Windows 7 Starter on something so lacking in potential. Linux would arguably be better than XP though.


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Exactly what hard drives are we talking about?

Internal - your netbook should have one inside. You should install your OS on this one only.

External - USB sticks, or external USB HDDs - these should be used for storing files only. You can format these from My Computer, via right-click.


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The Dell Mini Inspiron 9 has an interesting pedigree. This netbook was available with a number of options. An 8Gb or 16Gb SSD drive was offered plus the option of Linux installed instead of Windows XP. St1ckM4n is right in that more detail would be advisable.