Netflix loses subscribers for the first time in a decade, blames account sharers


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We just canceled our subscription to Netflix. Two reasons, #1 the rates keep going up and #2 lack of content.


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In a few years it went for me from 10 eur to 21 eur. The only reason I'm still keeping it is sharing with family, otherwise would cancel it at previous price hike. And probably still will cancel in upcoming months as the cost is just not adequate to content.


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Edit: As for the account sharers, most probably wouldn't sign up directly, or they already would have. Netflix is making lots of noise over nothing here.

I wonder how many use a shared sub only because it is available. If it weren't they probably wouldn't be watching anyway? I guess they may loose a few subscriptions but, as you say, most wouldn't have subbed anyway.


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We have other home issues and rising costs to think about. Stop increasing the monthly subscription charges, and we'll see.

And how could they attribute the losses to password sharing? As though those who are using the shared password were going to subscribe....

And Netflix already limits the number of concurrent streaming across various devices. Why should this be an issue if the owner's devices or shared password devices are using at any given time?

Shirley Dulcey

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I think a big one is that they have been cancelling new shows too quickly. They're focused on the next new thing, which is good for signing up new subscribers, but they're not doing enough to keep the existing subscriber base happy. People are now reluctant to start watching a new Netflix show because it may never get any more seasons and therefore will never get a proper ending.