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By codez13579
Oct 25, 2006
  1. I have Optimum online. Currently, I can connect my PC via ethernet to my internet, but wen i try to connect another pc, laptop, or psp to the network it doesnt work. I did not do the set-up, cablevision tech came and did the set-up. How do I connect another pc/psp on my network wireless and/or with the ethernet cable?
  2. Nodsu

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    First you have to tell us what your "network" consists of. So you have a cable modem? A router? Some wireless device?
  3. Rick

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    If you're connecting devices directly to your modem, you should plug the device in, turn the modem off for a couple of seconds and turn it back on. Wait a minute or so and you should be golden.

    If that doesn't work, then your problem might actually be the result of your cable company. The very first thing some cable providers do is register the MAC address of the first network device you connect with (a somewhat unique number assigned to your network device). This could be a computer, router, Playstation etc... These items all have MAC addresses.

    Then, they block any devices that do NOT have the same MAC address as the original network device you connected with. You have to call the cable company and register the new MAC address with them.
  4. codez13579

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    I have a cable modem throught optimum online.

    How do i find the MAC address of my psp. I want to play games wifi on my psp.
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