Network Connections - IP Address Splitting for Playstation2 ONLINE Mulitple gamers

By MLBrownewell
Jun 1, 2005

    This is a continuation of another forum post.........

    I have a question regarding in-home online setup connections for game playing on the Playstation 2 Console. I run my Internet cable connection into a 4-port router. Line #1 is for my computer. Line #2 is for my PS2 Online game playing. Lines 3 & 4 are open.

    I had a friend come over with his PS2 and we simply hooked his console up to my router (line #3) using a network cable. He was able to connect and play online successfully. However, we are not able to play online together in the same gameroom. Well, let me better explain that. For example, Call of Duty is a war game we like playing online - 16 players can play in the same game/war. If I select a room/game online to go into he is not able to go into that SAME game, but he can connect to a different game/war and play in it. We can NOT play in the same game/war together, but then again, we can create a NEW game/war ourselves and play each other - BUT other online gamers CAN NOT connect to OUR new created game. What is the deal here? I am able to use my computer and game online with the PS2 at the same time. That's because the 4-port router is suppose to do this. How come we can't play each other, with other online gamers involved, online? Is this an IP Address issue? Am I making any sense here? We like playing Nascar 2005 online too. Up to four players can connect to the same race and race each other and the other 39 AI (artifical intelligence) cars. However, again, my friend connected to my 4-port router (and on a different television) can not connect to the same race I am in. This doesn't make sense to me since I can be on my computer and on the PS2 at the same time. Is there a special 4-port router I should be using? This totally should work, because I've asked other online gamers (using a headset)if this is possible and they have said that it is and they've done it before. Anyway, I guess I'm babbling now. My main issue is the the 4-port router device with multiple online gaming. In the eyes of technology this should be possible. What am I doing wrong? Any type of feedback would be helpful.

    Does anyone know a software application/program that could manage/split IP Addresses? Is there a specific type of router to buy other than a basic one?
    Using Windows XP on my PC, could I simply create a New Connection (cause I have two network inputs (RJ_45) on the back of my pc) and plug the second console into the one I'm currently NOT using? Thank you.

  2. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Some cable providers give you more than 1 IP. You could try to put a hub between your cable modem and your router and hook one of the Playstations up there.

    I'm trying to google to see if there is a way to have multiple connect through the router... may be a NAT issue. Can't find anything yet, will update if I do.
  3. MLBrownewell

    MLBrownewell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Find anything on this yet? Do you mean a network hub or a USB hub? I'm thinking you meant a Network hub, cause a USB hub wouldn't work. I suppose I could try that, but don't you think it would still be the same IP Address? Please advise
  4. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Well, I use Shaw Cable at home. They give you 2 free IP address.

    You could hook the cable modem to the hub. From the hub you could hook up one of the Playstations and your router. The second Playstation and your computer would hook to your router.

    I wish I had a second Playstation here so I could try it out. I only have one though.

    I've been Googling like mad and can't find anything yet to help you out. I'll go search again and see if I don't get lucky.
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