Network drivers for Windows XP??

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Jul 12, 2006
  1. Hi,
    I have formatted my official laptop that was handed over to me by a previous user and was holding lots of bugs and pop ups and useless data. It was previously installed with Windows XP. I had a copy of Windows XP professional SP2 CD with me which i used for formatting and reinstallation. However, after the successful installation of Windows XP, i can't seem to hear any sounds on the laptop. Also..when i install the software for connecting to my network service provider, it does not recognize the modem. Prior to the formatting, i had installed the same software and had successfully connected to internet. Earlier, I could also listen to songs on this laptop. Not now.

    I am suspecting that perhaps there are some sound and network drivers which have got removed when i formatted the machine and not got reinstalled. I don't have any other CD besides windows XP installation.

    Can someone help me with this? Is this a driver related problem? Can i get these drivers off the net onto a CD and install them on my laptop? I also have a personal laptop which is currently installed with Windows XP Media Centre and successfully connected to the net. Could i use any drivers from there? Pls guide.

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    IPEX Computing - No Sound etc

    You should know the laptop make and if you can get to a computer with the internet then you should be able to locate the laptop drivers on the NET. download the drivers to the harddrive burn onto a disc and transfer to the laptop and install.

    hope this works had similar problems but only with the soun. i just downloaded the drivers and problem solved.

    another problme is a lot of laptops like HP etc come with recovery discs and driver discs. resintalling the OS from an ordinary OS dic may not install the correct drivers.

    hope this help
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    Drivers for sound /network laptop is Dell Latitude D600 and i was able to get the sound and video card drivers from the Dell site after specifying the model. As suggested by you, i downloaded these drivers and installed them on my broken laptop.However, there are way too many NETWORK drivers available for the same model and I am not sure which network card is installed on this laptop. Is there any place I can search on the laptop to find out which network card i have and which particular driver i should download for it?
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    There ain't unless you pop the case off and look directly at the NIC on the board. Really wouldn't do this if I were you though.

    Is the laptop within warranty? (I suppose it's unlikely right having had a previous user).
    If this is a laptop supplied by the people you work for, why are you having to do the maintainance?
    Are you sure there are too many drivers for NICs for that model? It could be that you have a number of network cards in your laptop. Mine has two: one fast ethernet RJ45 standard type NIC one wireless. That's just the standard built in NICs.
    I'm gonna check out the specs and get back to you on this.
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    IPEX Computing - Missing Network Drivers

    You could try the following

    click on the start menu->all programs->accessories->system tools->system information

    then click on components->networks. You should then get the name of the network device in the laptop.

    don know it this is any help but worth a shot. :?
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