Network drives dropping

By toffeapple
May 21, 2007
  1. HI Guys havent been on in a while hope your all keeping well,

    Have a problem with a pc on my network(w2003) We use a fairly intensive java based programe that accesses a database on an as400..when this application is open along with email, the user is unable to access their network drives they get the following error "insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service"..I have done a fair bit of research on this and can't seem to finda solution..I have done the ovbious thing and checked task manager but it shows the I have over 500mb of memeory left(machine is running 1gig) is a fresh build so it isn't realted to an application conflict..every other pc runs this application fine, albeit slowly..can anyone suggest anything obvious..I have set the page file to 2048mb so its unlikely to be running out of virtual memeory..this has me stumped.
  2. tipstir

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    Windows or a Windows service reports an error in the event log stating that the system is out of resources; however, according to Performance Monitor and Windows Diagnostics, there is plenty of RAM available. For example, if a large number of connections are made to SQL Server, SQL Server reports an error 1450 - Insufficient System Resources, even though this system has plenty of RAM available.
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    The Windows kernel is running out of paged-pool memory. When Windows starts, it calculates the amount of paged-pool memory available to the kernel based on the amount of physical RAM in the system. The following lists describes the maximum values in Windows: • In Windows NT, the maximum value for paged-pool memory is 192 MB.
    • In Windows 2000, the maximum value for paged-pool memory is 470 MB; the maximum value for non-paged-pool memory is 256 MB.
    If the kernel allocates all of its allotted paged- pool memory, it will not be able to perform many tasks and will instead return a STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES (0xC000009A) message.
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    This behavior is by design. Windows currently uses 32-bit addressing for memory. This only allows for 4 GB of addressable RAM, which must be divided into various sections of virtual memory. The kernel only has 2 GB to divide up and, in this distribution of addresses, paged-pool memory is allocated a maximum of 192 MB. This is a restriction of the 32-bit addressing.


    Pagefile = 3072/4096 or 4096/4096
    If fails to fix the problem then you might have a memory leak going on or the kernel is corrupted..
  3. jobeard

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    Great Post Tipstir! Java applications are prone to being resource hogs and
    both memory and network connections are frequently abused.

    Writing Java code is one thing, but writing GOOD Java is quite another.
    Developers tend to put applications online asap due to managerial pressure :(
    and they're either NOT given sufficient time or don't know how to evaluate performance or resource usage.

    One one to tell if the Java application is at the root of the problem is to
    evaluate how long has it been in production status;
    1) if it's relatively new (less than one-two months) then there's some work to be
    done on your new application.
    2) If it's been around six months or more and this
    is a new symptom, then the worlk load has increased or the environment has
    changed; the application may not be the root cause of your problem
  4. toffeapple

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    cheers guys..i will increase the page file to the max and see if this resolves it..I realize the route of the problem is the java application i am currently looking at a new solution with the programmers
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