Network/Ethernet issue

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Dec 29, 2006
  1. Well my computer has an issue with its ethernet. When i LAN using my computer i find an issue where i cant LAN successfully, after fiddling around with it i get it to work but i can only ever get it to work on a Limited connectivity connection. I can still transfer files, play games etc but the thing is, it is slow, the sharing the net connection doesnt work (while others computers are plug in and away they go) and when i use my own modem at home to connect to the net my modem doesnt work at all, that is why my modem is connected via USB and even still my modem freezes and crashes my computer... btw i have tried many different ethernet cards but still it had the same effect.

    Here is my systems settings:
    *3ghz Intel cpu
    *1.5gb ram
    *280gb HD
    *Radeon x800GTO/PRO 256mb
  2. SteveAK

    SteveAK TS Rookie

    It could be a driver problem. You may need to install new drivers for your modem.

    More so, it sounds like your settings need changed. I assume you're using dial-up so please correct me if I'm wrong. Do you know how to change your modem's settings? Make sure your Maxium Port Speed on your modem is set to the highest speed possible.
  3. headshotpro

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    my internet dl speed is 1.5mb download and is broadband... the modem is 302g and i have updated the drivers to latest and still it is the same. if my ethernet was working id use that so that i could upgrade the firmwire
  4. jobeard

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    what OS? If XP, uninstall the NIC driver and then reboot for auto-discover
  5. BloodRaven

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    try this:
    go to start - control panel - network connections. in there you should see your network interface card. right click on it and hit properties. scroll down the list of protocols and note the protocols that are checked/installed. make sure TCP/IP is checked and just for future use its aways good to have IPX/SPX installed as well. when you are done with that look above that scrolling box and you should see a button that says "configure...". click on that. on the general tab note what the device status says. it should say "This device is working properly." now go to power managment tab and make sure "allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked. do these steps and tell me what you find.
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