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Network Help

By Zex ยท 5 replies
Oct 20, 2005
  1. Hey guys, here's the deal.

    I've got a wireless router that I can nail from my laptop no problem. I've got another wireless router that Im assuming I can nail from my laptop, but havent tried. For the purposes of discussion, Ill call then router 1 and router 2, with IPs and respectively. Here's what im shooting for:

    In room 1 I've got my modem running into my old router. From there I USED To have a PC coming out of that router.
    Wall->Modem->Router->PC + Wireless
    Okay, all was well and good. No problems there. Then I ran into the problem of needing to relocate the PC that WAS in that room to a different one. Due to the fact that Im running a Linux machine and REALLY didnt want to find everything I needed for a wireless NIC, I went with the semi-wired approach. I purchased another router, near identical, only newer, and have it hooked up to my Linux machine in the new room. Here's where it gets tricky: From the new router ( 2 ) I've got a wired connection running to the old router, due to the fact that they dont seem to want to communicate wirelessly. I changed the IP of ( 2 ) to .1.2, and left the old one at .1.1. I disabled DHCP on the new one, and Im still not managing to get any wireless connectivity between the two. So ultimately, here's the final equation:

    Any suggestions? I'de appreciate any help, and thanks guys. Oh, and uh... Router model: WRT54G. Again, thanks.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,882   +903

    Wall->Modem->Router->PC + Wireless​
    why not
    Wall->Modem->Router(Wireless)--> all systems?
    Put the router on top of a book case or even in the attic. This should work fine
    and avoid the complication(s).

    The wireless<-->wireless requires a bridging config on the second and to avoid DHCP on it too. I believe Nodsu has details on this configuration.
  3. Zex

    Zex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah, thanks. Only problem with wall->router->all systems is that I cant install a wireless card into my linux machine, no drivers or anything for it. So im kinda SOL there. But thanks for the reply. Ill probably PM nodsu.
  4. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Some wireless routers support wireless linking with another product from the same brand.. I don't think Linksys lets you do that.

    And, if you already have run a cable between the two router locations then I don't really see your problem :)
  5. Zex

    Zex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Heh, The problem with the cable is that I need it to not be there. It's a temporary fix for not having it setup yet.
  6. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    You can make your Linksys act as a wireless extender with some firmware hacking. Google for Linksys WDS. Or get some devices that support true WDS out of the box.
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