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network/lan game dilemma

By sidewinder1017
Apr 13, 2007
  1. hi, i'm having the same problem. was trying to connect 2 pc's for the game: command and conquer red alert 2. i have tcp/ip, ipx/spx, clien for microsoft network, file and printer sharing, nwlink netbios box ticked under LAN properties window. i have also tried disabling/enabling the firewall, configured an ip address for both computers... say pc1: and pc2:, and a subnet mask... say for both computers as well as a default gateway... say for both pc's. I have also ran the network setup wizard for both pc's. ran cmd and ipconfig/all in dos mode then took note of the physical addresses therein which i matched with each pc. i've also tested the network on pc1 (since both pc's show they are connected over LAN) through dxdiag-network-test direct play-create session and I was able to chat with my nephew(pc2) and then i went to check my network places and clicked on the 'view workgroup computers' under the network tasks and was surprised to see only 1 pc there(my pc which is pc1). i also tried the help and support center but there isn't something that comes exactly close to my problem. .....and also, can someone please advise on the info needed for the 'socket number and destination network' boxes in the network page of the options menu of the command and conquer red alert 2 game. I was able to come up with a dynamic ip address for pc 1 and a static ip address for pc2 as well as matched the physical addresses for both pc's which i obtained from ipconfig/all. ....one more thing, i am now using 2 different C&C RA2 game installer cd's with 2 different cd keys. went through it all to no avail. it sucks to be me. pls help!!!!!!!!!
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Why are you using IPX when TCP/IP would do..
    Do you have a Router? If not go and get one?
    Why don't you use DHCP and let the Router assign the IP?
    Unless you need to go Static IP which is what you're doing.

    Give more info to what you're doing...

    Yes you want to use 2 PCs to play computer game?
  3. sidewinder1017

    sidewinder1017 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i saw a correspondence yesterday. i changed the settings to 'automatically obtain an ip address' and 'automatically obtain dns server' for both pc's and had the 'dhcp' enabled. i also tried sharing a folder with pc2 which worked and i also went to 'view workgroup computers' and found 2 computers (my computer which is pc1 and my nephew's which is pc2) which only showed mine previously. however, when I tested the network (not sure when I did this, it's either before or after changing the settings as i've mentioned) using dxdiag-network-testdirectplay-create/join session, pc1 reported the ip address and the other pc the ip addresses should be consecutive, isn't it? say... and anyway, having these, i went back to the lan game (command and conquer red alert 2) on both pc's and increased the level of my frustration... can't see the other player on both pc's.
  4. sidewinder1017

    sidewinder1017 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    this is just an addendum to my recent post. I don't have a router. i just connected both pc's directly using the crossover cable I made. I'm using IPX because the lan game (C&C RA2) requires an IPX number which is satisfied by installing the IPX in the LAN properties.
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