Network Management Programs?

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Aug 23, 2007
  1. Hi all! Long-Time-No-Talk!

    Ok to the point...

    At some airports and schools and hotels when you first connect to their network, a page comes right up asking for a password to continue online, or just a page to welcome them to the network. What kind of software is that? I think it is on a computer, not special hardware, so I posted here. Please let me know!

  2. joked u 2

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    it kinda sounds like a firewall or an "internet security package" on your computer. somthing like a parental control. all the time I am connecting to a new network, and i have never seen anything like that except when you connect to a secure network. then it will as you for a network key or passcode. thats my guess
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    I think he is talking about when you connect to a hotel network or something similar. It usually prompts you to hit ok/acknowledge before you can actaully get on the network. Then it takes you to that hotels webpage (or something similar).

    I'm not sure how it is setup personally, but maybe this will help describe it a little better.
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    Yes; seen it many times -- the default access point is a proxy server on a host.
    The database has room numbers with valid guests, and you frequently get the
    password from the desk clerk. Once you sign-in, a cookie that expires at
    checkout time is placed on your system. After that, the proxy will revert to blocking you.
  5. daniel161

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    Yes that is the goal, thanks for the help!
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