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Aug 4, 2005
  1. Help! I'm looking for a network tool to monitor network users, sort of an MRTG, that will graph bandwidth use (packets in, packets out) for each client machine. However, I also want to see where the packets are coming and going. The tool I'm looking for should allow me to retrieve the logs or graphs remotely.

    Thanks for anyone who can help.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I use winpcap to monitor the LAN, but it does not have the feature to monitor a specific IP address. I have 10 clients on my network -- after an hour of monitoring I have a huge log file and filtering them doesn't give the information I need.

    What I need is a monitoring program that will be installed on the client machine and create a log of the NIC: destination address, source address, number of packets sent and packets received.

    From my mail server, I can see the traffic with MRTG. I can also see the mail queue with simple exim commands. However, I cannot monitor to which sites my users are spending their time.

    Any suggestion would be welcome. Thanks.
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    Ethereal is for YOU!

    1) avoids multiple installs
    2) runs locally so nothing shows up on the clients
    3) runs in permiscuous mode so it can track the tcp segment
    4) allows filtering (eg: tcp port 80 captures http stuff)
    5) a lan segment would be tracked by:
    host or host or ..... host 192.168.0.$last
    but you must explicitly list all hosts

    give it try :angel:
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    I'll let you know how it goes.

    Big thanks! :angel:
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