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By alleymap
Mar 13, 2006
  1. I have a laptop and a home pc and am having a hard time connecting the two. All I want is to be able to connect my laptop (it has a wireless card) to my home pc for print sharing and download data. I keep seeing high speed connection for my router and all i have is AOL dialup. I have a DLINK router, print server and nic card in/hooked to my home PC. and am having trouble communicationg.
  2. jobeard

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    Your AOL dialup runs via the internal modem. You can share that connection,
    but deal with that after your sharing is working.

    You can cable the two systems to your router on the LAN side and leave the WAN slot empty.

    Use the desktop browser to access the DLINK config, typical URL is or
    you should get a prompt for userid/password -- see your manual.

    You may need to force your nic to see the router IF the nic has never been
    configured before;
    set ip=
    set MASK=
    set gateway=
    set DNS=

    Enable the router for DHCP on the IP address and DNS. Save the config.
    Go back to your NIC and use DHCP for both the IP and DNS

    Both systems need to have the same workgroup name
    and you need to set your firewall for File/Print sharing.

    using Run->cmd /k
    you should be able to
    find your IP address using ipconfig /all
    ping your router using ping
    ping yourself ping this-address
    ping the other system ping that-address

    For the target printer, use your Printers & Faxes panel, click the printer and right-click for properties -- enable sharing and give it a name
    (eg Desktop-HP123)

    Enable the directroy(ies) to be shared in a similary way.
  3. alleymap

    alleymap TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you

    Thank you for your reply I went through and followed your recommendations but am still having a problem. I can ping my computer and router and my laptop can ping itself and router but they just don't see each other.

    I think the problem lies in that the router I purchased is supposed to be used with a DSL connection not dial up.
  4. jobeard

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    now you need only to configure File/Print sharing -- you're almost there!

    try google for 'windows file sharing setup'
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