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By Ro.
Jul 4, 2005
  1. Hello all, I just hooked up to DSL from Bellsouth and had my desktop PC hooked into the routher with a cable and had my laptop connecting by wireless. I had been sent a file via MSN IM and wanted to transfer it to my desktop PC by putting into a shared folder. Well I had the file on laptops desktop and had window open that showed both shared folders in the network. I then was going to put it into the shared folder on laptop then transfer it to shared folder of destop PC when I accendintly droped the folder onto the desktop PC shared folder first and now I caint get anything to work via my network. Before I did thins I was able to transfer files from pc to laptop with relative ease and use the printer thats on my desktop PC at no problem. Now I can only use the printer from the desktop pc.

    I have since reloaded the laptop as it was a fairly new reload of win home and nothing was on it and run the NSW useing MSHOME and the workgroup. I have rerun the NSW on desktop PC also useing MSHOME as the workgroup name and still caint see either PC from ea loacation. In My Network Places there is nothing. I do have shared folder on both pc's but neither can see the other. I have also been able to ping both pc from the other. I can connect to web from both places. I run the add printer from laptop PC and still caint see the other PC.

    Is there any tool that will let you see what the problem is? HELP PLEASE!!!
    I ill be most gratefull for any and all help in this. Thanks...:)
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