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By AJ9027
Jan 7, 2006
  1. I just built a new computer and tried to set up my home network again, but now it wont let both computers have internet at the same time. My old system worked just fine. It says im getting 100.0 mbps and im sending a steady flow of packets, but on the computer that wont go online it is not recieving any. I tried 3 different ethernet cards. I tried different RJ-45s. I reset both the modem and the router. I tried a different router. I reinstalled windows. I spent about 5 hours tweking all of the settings but to no success. One weird thing is happening, once I get internet on one computer and go to repaeat the smae steps on the other, I have to manually set the IP, I recieve one packet then it changes the IP to invalid. I hit repair and I receive another packet and it changes again. I have done everything that I could think of. Any suggestions.
  2. jobeard

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    sound like DHCP is not configured correctly.

    router should offer to enable DHCP.

    each system should also enable DHCP for IP address and the DNS.
    use the network wizzard or go to the NIC adaptor and set the properties.
    if you're entering address/mask, it's not DHCP.

    ipconfig /all
    should even say DHCP enabled
  3. AJ9027

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    When swt them both to automartic only one actualy gets an IP address the other gets a automated private address. Then I try to repair the connection and it gets an error at "renewing IP address."
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