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Feb 21, 2004
  1. I have win98 and winxp home edition and on the win98 I can't access my entire c drive on the winxp.I have it sharing in the sharing and security settings,is there a setting in the admin.I can change or something else T.I.A banks2
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    Are you talking about 2 PC's or 1 PC with dual boot (W98 + XP)?
    If 1 PC, then you should know that W98 cannot access XP when XP runs with the NTFS filesystem.

    If you have 2 PCs connected via a network, then the W98 PC can access XP.

    Please take a few minutes and fill out the specs of your PC('s) in your user-profile (just click on "user-cp" at the top of this page).

    Then explain in more detail what exactly the problem is.
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    I have 2 computers ,one with win98 the other is winxp home edition.The win98 can connect to the xp computer,but I can't access any folders or programs except desktop and my documents folders.I'd like to be able to access the entire c drive.What can I do?????

    Guinness Gooood !!
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    Access the drive via the hidden administrative shares of C$ for your C Drive and X$ for any other drives. You'll have to use the administrator account and password though. You're map will look something like:
    \\%Machine Name%\C$
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    On the XP-machine, in Explorer rightclick the C-drive and select "Sharing...". Mark Share this folder and give the drive a new name. Then click Permissions. Add the username/password of the W98-pc, who presumably is entered in one or more of your user-groups on the XP-pc.
    Make sure that both PCs are in the same Workgroup.
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