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By RoundMidnight
Sep 4, 2007
  1. I have set up a crossover cable home network connecting my new dual core Pentium Hewlett-Packard machine (host) to my older Athlon Packard-Bell (client). Both machines are currently running XP Home, although I may re-install XP Pro on tne client. The connection works perfectly for file and printer sharing. However, absolutely nothing whatsoever I have tried has enabled Internet access from the client via the host The host machine has no problems with Internet connection. If I swap the USB Modem into the Packard-Bell it works perfectly with normal Internet access, but the HP is then unable to access the Internet through the network.

    I have tried both autoconfigured and fixed TCP/IP addresses, assorted firewall settings and exclusions, even temporarily disabling the firewall on both machines. I have obeyed to the letter assorted procedures aired on the Internet - some of which contradict each other. So far from working, one of these procedures actually disabled my network until I was able to hunt down and destroy its consequences! Some of the things I have tried are beyond the scope of my knowledge, so I haven't always known what I was doing.

    I use AOL VR on the host machine and AOL 9.0 on the client. (perhaps neither for much longer) and Opera. I do not and would never use Microsoft's appalling Internet Explorer. If XP networking somehow cannot work without the Gates abomination, then that surely needs to be publicised and corrected.

    It's all fairly crucial, as shared Internet access was my main reason for setting up a network in the first place. If any of this rings a bell with anyone, I can provide full IPconfig listings.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    I have come across this before and we cured it by binning AOL. I also got it to work by using a modem router so each PC had it's own access but as nobody wanted to spend the money on the router.......
  3. RoundMidnight

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    Many thanks, AlbertLionheart. I was afraid someone might say something like that. I have other reasons why AOL might be heading for my bin, and if there are no other suggestions for dealing with my problem, I think its progress thereto may accelerate.
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