Networking 2 pcs via wireless lan cards

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Jul 11, 2005
  1. Hello, I have two pcs and i was wondering if i bought two pci network cards would they be able to share files? I know to share the internet you need a router thing, and a reciever on the pc you want to share the internet with.
    But if i bought to recivers would they be able to share file and stuff?

    If this idea doesnt work what other solutions are there?

  2. ripken204

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  3. gamingguy27

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    thanks for the help dude, does it matter which type of wirless card i install?

  4. mikescorpio81

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    To share files all you need is for both pc's to have an ethernet card of some sort & crossover cable them together (red cable). Then just enable simple file sharing thru your TCP/IP settings on both pc's & make whatever folders you want shared.

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    Thank you for your input mikescorpio, we all appreciate the care you put in to reading the threads before replying to them.
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    Hey Gamingguy....
    I use exactly the same setup (that you want) at my home to network 1 PC (desktop) and 2 notebooks....
    With 2 wireless network cards, you can easily share Internet as well as files....
    Here is how:

    1- Install the wireless (802.11 b/g i presume) on both the machines..
    2- Let us refer to the PC with the Internet connection as PC-A, and the other one as PC-B
    3- I am Assuming PC-1 already has one wired NIC(for your internet)
    4- Go the TCP/IP properties of the wireless card on PC-A and assign it an IP of
    5- Go to wireless networks tab and add a new network, Make sure that you have enabled the chekmark for Ad-Hoc network, give this network a SSID (name), say 'test'...DO not enable WEP/WPA now...that can be done later....Click OK and you are done with PC-A
    6- Go to PC- B, assign the wireless card a IP of, subnet, gateway
    7- Serach for wireless networks from this PC, you should be able to see test...connect to it...
    8- Try pinging
    9- If it works, you are almost done....go back to PC-A and enable ICS on the other NIC that is connected to the Internet.....

    POst back if it works....or if it doesn't
  7. gamingguy27

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    Thanks for all the help, i will be buying the cards soon and will try it. If it doent work i will post back on the same title.

    Thanks, Alex
  8. mikescorpio81

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    lol! Didnt read it fully (duh!) :knock:
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