networking and isp

By volume3k
Feb 3, 2003
  1. I recently networked 2 computers using 2 network cards and a crossover cable, Brilliant! it works!! there is now one more problem!

    I need one of the computers to be able to dial up to the other when necessary, so i configured it to do so with the windows xp wizard, thats fine, yet if I am offline at any time my xp computer keeps trying to get me online, i had to unplug the lead to make it stop connecting! connect automaticly is unticked in the dun settings...

    Any help will be much appreciated!
  2. CyruS

    CyruS TS Rookie

    huh? umm.....try to rephrase the question...either i've never heard of "dialing up" to another computer thru a crossover network, or...........well..yeah. ;)
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