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networking laptop and desktop

By ironchef
Jan 25, 2006
  1. I am trying to get large files in my laptop to my desktop. I have run Network Wizard already. I can only access files on my desktop through my laptop, but not the other way around. Firewall has been disabled on both. Simple file/folder sharing is activated.

    Everytime I try to enable ICS (on the LAN and wireless connections), I get an error saying, "...cannot enable ICS. A LAN connection is already configured w/ the IP addressthat is required for automatic IP adressing."

    Another error that I get is, "...cannot enable ICS due to IP address conflict...Host IP address should be sure no other client on network uses this IP address."

    From the desktop, both computer icons show up in the workgroup. But when I double cklick the laptop icon, from the desktop, I get the, "...is not accessible...do not have permission..."

    Both computers are set to the same work group and running Windows XP (SP2). The laptop is connected through an ethernet cable and wireless card (D-Link) to a wireless router (netgear). The desktop is directly connected with an ethernet cable to the same router.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks, ironchef
  2. FireDoc

    FireDoc TS Rookie

    Howdie, sounds like you've done quite a bit alreay in an attempt to figure out the problem.

    A couple of questions, why ICS? Do you have a router? Why not infrastructure and gateway!!!!

    I have a document in pdf for win98 and winXPhe networking infrastructure and gateway - very complete - if you would be interested private IM me.

  3. ironchef

    ironchef TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply FIREDOC. A friend came over and worked on it but couldn't figure out why my laptop would not let my desktop access it. But after a while, he realized that I can just drag files from my laptop to the desktop via laptop. This solution was good enough for me. Thanks again. IRONCHEF
  4. FireDoc

    FireDoc TS Rookie

    Good News!!!

    Windows is not the smartest at finding network computers.

    Turn everything off for 5 minutes. Turn every thing on.

    Left click on Network Neighborhood or My Network Places - does a flash light appear? If not, you do not have search for network devices turned on.


    Under Network Tasks click on Add a Network Place.

    Click Next

    Click Choose another network location

    Click Next

    Click Browse

    Expand Entire Network

    Expand Microsoft Windows Network

    Expand the Name of your Computer Domain / Workgroup

    Wait as it searches

    Did it find the other computer?

    If not there are fixes, because drag and drop does work but is slow until connected. But once connected it then goes into the Mapped Network Drives.

    Close everything, open My Network Places again. Click on TOOLS at the top. Select Disconnec Network Drive - you other computer should be listed here if you drag and dropped to it. It show a drive letter assigned to it and the name of that computer. There should only be one entry. If the entry say (none) for a drive - you have communication issues with your system that need to be addressed.

    Good Luck

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