Networking/printer sharing problems

Sep 10, 2006
  1. I've searched the forum, but I haven't been able to find an answer for my problem yet.

    I recently left for college and took my laptop with me. I bought a new printer and left the other one here for my family to use. Before, the printer was just connected to my laptop and anyone who wanted to print something had to send it to me. Obviously, that won't work anymore. I'm home this weekend and am trying to set up printer sharing but I'm having problems.

    We have a DSL modem with wireless capabilities. There are now 2 computers, one is a desktop connected to the modem via Ethernet cord and the other is a laptop that uses a wireless connection. Both can access the internet just fine. The printer is connected via UBS cord to the desktop. Both are running Windows XP. I've run the network connection wizard on both. I can't get the computers to network. Both have unique names. On the desktop, if I view the workgroup computers both are visible, but I can't access the laptop. I get the message:

    //ComputerName is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    The network path was not found.

    On the laptop, if I view the workgroup computers, I can't even see the desktop.

    I've tried so many tutorials, nothing seems to help me. I can't get the computers to network so I can't share the printer. I turned the firewall on the PC completely off (there doesn't seem to be one on the laptop) and that didn't help. One told me to go in and check the enable NetBIOS option, I tried that, but still nothing.

    I tried to provide all the details I could, but if you need more info let me know!
  2. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 293

    Are both PC's running XP Pro? I hope so!
    Heres how you should go about this:

    1. Turn Simple File Sharing off on all PCs (Open MY COMPUTER - TOOLS - FOLDER OPTIONS - scroll down & uncheck SIMPLE FILE SHARING).
    2. The PC that is connected to the printer via USB: make sure it can print ok! Then find the printer object in START - PRINTERS AND FAXES
    3. Right-click the printer object and select SHARING
    4. Share the printer and click if there is a PERMISSIONS button, make sure within there that EVERYONE has FULL CONTROL. You may not have to do this (as its only a printer) but for files and folders you would have to configure this and security.
    5. From the other PC, browse to the Desktop PC via IP address (START - RUN - type: \\IPADDRESS OF DTPC) and you will either be prompted for a username/password (which is the username/password of the person logged into the Desktop PC, or create a local computer account on that PC). If not, it should open a folder with a few items and anything shared. You should see the printer (whatever share name you called it).
    6. Right-click the printer object and select CONNECT - it may promt you about installin a driver, click ok to install it.

    Thats about it really. Let me know how you go :grinthumb
  3. electricvoices

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    There's no need for both PC's to be running XP Pro... my home network is built for a PC that runs WinXP Pro & a laptop that run WinXP Home... I have file & printer sharing set up for my network & everything works fine, I've tested it out & everything. Since the laptop is the computer that is not connected to the internet directly (your PC does that from the way it sounds) it's important to make sure you click the correct option in the Network Setup Wizard menu... Since your PC connects directly to the i'net through the modem it would make that PC the primary PC, your laptop will basically connect to the i'net through your PC connection (at least that's what the wizard wants to hear)... let me know if that helps!
  4. Lekki_Sheep

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    You could just try checking a few things to see if there's any way to diagnose the issue:

    - go into commmand line (Start->Run->cmd)
    - ping each computer name for the two desktops
    - ping laptop using name from each desktop
    - ipconfig from cmd on each machine and note all results
    - check the workgroup has the same name on the laptop as it does on the desktops.
    - type at cmd prompt: net use x: \\%computername%\c$ you may be prompted for authentication (username, password).
    - x: at cmd prompt, then dir to see what you have access to.

    I'll check back tomorrow, or as soon as I can, see how you get on.

    Good luck.
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