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networking problem due to length of cat5 cable

By shivcharan · 7 replies
Aug 20, 2005
  1. I have a running setup of eight pcs in network (win2kserver, win2kprof client). Reciently I bought a pentium 4 pc (win 2k prof) and installed it in my network. I am using cat5 cable to connect my pc to the switch. Following things are happening:
    1. when I am bringing my pc close to the switch and connecting it with a small cat5 cable the full network is available with this pc being able to ping all other pcs on the network
    2. when I am taking the pc to a little distance (70m)from the switch it is not showing any connectivity
    3. I have tested the cat5 cable for continuity and found it to be ok
    4. on self pinging from this location it is giving the message “destination host unreachable”
    5. I am using DHCP to obtain IP for this pc with DHCP server kept near the switch
    Please help as this problem is new to me
  2. zero_19

    zero_19 TS Rookie

    I know it's obvious but...

    Have you attempted to remake the longer line even though it tests good for continuity? I had a similar problem to this about a year and a half ago, ran a line to a new system and couldn't get it to obtain an ip. Tested the line and it came back as being good. I don't know exactly what was wrong with the first one but after making a new line and replacing it, solved my problem. Hope that works for you.(If you haven't already tried that of course :) )
  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Simplest thing to do would be to force 10Mbit speed on that cable.

    You can try replacing the CAT5 with CAT5e or CAT6. The fact that the wires are intact doesn't mean that the signal gets across undistorted.

    Or put some ethernet device like a cheap switch in the middle of the cable to boost the signal.
  4. zero_19

    zero_19 TS Rookie


    Nodsu, just curious as to how forcing 10 Mbit would fix this problem.
  5. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    10Mbit ethernet signal is less prone to interference and has less attenuation meaning you get less data corruption meaning that more of your data gets through the crappy cable.
  6. zero_19

    zero_19 TS Rookie

    Thanks for the info

    I have to say, I never new that particular detail about 10Mbit. Thanks for the info. :)
  7. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    GOOD comment! Ethernet spec, if I recall correctly, says the maximum span
    is limited to 100m, and CAT5 should have been sufficient. Perhaps the signal
    output is low or the cable is poor quality. The cheap solution is a HUB located
    halfway to act as a signal booster.
  8. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    I've had problems with self made cables that weren't terminated to spec. It shows fine on a simple tester but over 50ft the connection was sporatic at best.

    Stick to T568A/T568B standards for longer runs. I've had no problems with cables even a bit over the 100m standard.
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