Networking problems

By dyckah
Nov 14, 2006
  1. ok, i just got a new router, (wireless, to replace old wired router)and quickly got it setup to access the internet.
    everything working properly on 2 of 3 computers, i dont bother with the third, which happens to be my mothers, but she now cannot access the internet. her computer hooks up with the router and everything just fine, gets its own unique ip address, but it doesnt matter if i have it on wireless, or wired network connection, hers just refuses to accest the internet (access is refused error in firefox)
    it is the D-Link DL-524 router, and all computers are running windows xp home edition.
    comp a- connects via wirelss connection and works fine
    comp b- connects via wired, and wireless connection, works fine
    comp c- connects via wired, and wireless connection, connects to router properly, gets ip address assigned, can access router setup page, connection is always refused for anything to do with the internet. doesnt matter what port i plug it into on the router.
    anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be, and how i might go about solving it?
  2. Nodsu

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    Do you have any software firewalls? Try disabling these.

    Could it be that you configured some packet filtering on your router?
  3. dyckah

    dyckah TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    kk, all computers with software firewalls are disabled, but, alas, my moms still refuses to connect to the internet.. i do not believe that i setup any packet filtering, as all i have done is setup the passwork for the wireless network.
    every time i got to access the internet from my mothers computer while hooked upto the wireless router(either through hardwire, or through wireless connection, i can access all network stuff, but whenever i go to access the internet, i get a connection is refused error in firefox.
    however, if i hook my old router upto the modem, and hook up her computer to that, the internet works no problems.
    would a different solution be to use a switch or a hub to hook both of the router upto the modem?
  4. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    No, you cannot use both routers.

    If Firefox clearly says that the connection was refused, then it has to be some kind of a firewall. Either on the troubled computer or on the router.
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