Networking two houses

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Nov 20, 2002
  1. Finally broadband is out in the boonies:D but to the question. My neighbor and I want to know if there is a way that we can network our houses together so we can share the conection. Umm if it matters our houses are about 100ft apart, and we are both running windows xp pro.
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    100ft apart? The Cat5 wire that you will run can be no longer than 100m which means from the hub/router if it is in your house can be no further than 100 m from his computer and vice versa. Keep in mind that there will be a cable running from ur house to his and i'm not sure how well a cat5 cable would run in the rain...
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    CAT-5 does fine in the rain, its just the lightening you have to worry about. At our Fraternity house we run it from the main house down to the apartments and it gets hit by lightening often, each time frying a port on the hub.
    You could bury it underground, 3-4 inches would be sufficient, but 6+ would be better.
    How far does wireless go?
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    The line would get hit by lightning that often? I would think that the RMI/EFI would play more of a factor that the chance of the line getting his by lightning...Wireless may work, although it would be cheaper and faster to do it wired.
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    Coincidentally enough, we are currently running a campaign for SpeakEasy, an US national DSL provider. They are offering the following promotion if you sign up with them before Nov. 26th.

    They are giving a free SMC EZ Connect Wireless Access Point 11Mbps (802.11b) that will let you share your net connection with your neighbors , the specs indicate a 825ft range, much more than you need so you can go to
    this page to check availability or call them for assistance if needed, just let them know TechSpot sent you :D
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    thanks a lot
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