Networking WinXp home and Win2000pro

By TechNovice
Sep 3, 2005
  1. I have had a home network up and running for a couple years using Win98, WinME, Win2000. I now want to set up two machines running Win2000 with one running WinXP Home. The host machine is a Win2000 at the moment.

    The computer with WinXp has a built in NIC on an MSI K8N Neo2 mobo. I have a borrowed USB Nic as well to try and get it working. I ran network wizard on this machine and it wouldnt go on the net with the built in NIC. The borrowed USB one worked at the shop I got it from but will not work on my network.

    I have been reading and searching and cannot solve this. One site said there is a possible compatibility issue with WinXP and Win2000 for networking and mentioned changing the resgistry in the Win2000 machine.

    As my name says, I am a novice at this and am getting nowhere after several hours messing with it.
    Firewalls are turned off and print and file sharing are on. I have under Lan settings 'Detect proxy settings automatically'. It is DSL internet connection.

    Any suggestions ? Thanks for any help.
  2. TechNovice

    TechNovice TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No replies. Must have been too easy. I even fixed it. I installed another NIC and bypassed the onboard. Ran Network Wizard on XP machine only and am up now. :bounce:
  3. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Can you ping the computers from each other?

    Do you have a DCHP server in the network (it will most likely be the router).
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