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Jan 21, 2006
  1. Here is the dilema. The house I am in has the ethernet jacks in the basement to all the rooms, and ther are 4 bedrooms with computers....but I also have a laptop that uses wireless (which is weak signal from basement).

    The way it is set up now is that the cable modem goes to the wireless (netgear) and out one of the lan ports of the wireless goes to the router(linksys) in the basement. The router in the basement then feeds all of the computers from there.

    I have no problem going online, but what I really want is to be able to network the wireless connections with the lan connections. The wireless is setup as and the other is I know I have to change the 3rd number to be the same to be on the same network, but when I do that it goes crazy.........any tips

    I have tried disabling DHCP on the linksys with a new IP and it didn't help, right now it is active on both

  2. Nodsu

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    Connect the routers using their local ports, the only connected WAN port should be the one going to the cable modem. You have to disable at least one of the DHCP servers. And of course you have to make sure the local addresses of the routers themselves are different (but in the same subnet).
  3. boogac

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    thats what I thought of doing, but connected like those I will lose a connection in the basement....not sure if there is actually a solution to this......I might just have to buy a switch or something
  4. Nodsu

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    You can't just shuffle cables around and hope some combination works. You are supposed to find out what the problem is and then fix it. Your setup has to work with the routers linked through their LAN ports.

    "Lose a connection" means what? Perhaps some of your devices have the same IP address? Or you have two conflicting DHCP servers installed?

    How have you configured TCP/IP on your computers? If it's automatic, then you have to renew the settings when you move your routers around. If it's static then ylou obviously have to change the configuration to fit the new setup.
  5. boogac

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    what I mean by lose a connection is that in the basement the router has 4 lan ports and there are 4 computers in the house. If I useon of the ports to go to the first router then I lose a port and can then only connect 3 I worng?
  6. Nodsu

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    Oh, yes you are right of course.

    But what you want is a common LAN on both of the routers and you have to use the LAN ports to achieve that, plain and simple.
  7. Goli

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    I understand from your issue that you have 4 bedrooms and your systems are connected with Netgear and Linksys router.

    When you go to the basement the connection is lost? Am i Right? Could you tell me where is the router and where is your computer is placed? The minimum distance is 30 feet. Your router should be free from any electrical applicances or electronic equipments and so on.

    Also I want you to check whether both the routers are bridged? If you are not aware of the bridging concept, please contact your ISP for further assistance.

    Could you mail me after checking this details? My mail address is : Let me know whether I have solved your issue?? I am glad here to help you out. Please mail me the status.

    Awaiting for your reply...

    Thanks & Regards,
  8. tipstir

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    The basement is the worse place to place the wireless router. If you do this then you would need wireless repeaters place near above the wireless netgear router. Since you have 4 ethernet lines coming into the basement, you could to a linksys router>

    cable modem ------
    linksys router WAN / DHCP Server

    ---------------port 1 PC1
    ---------------port 2 PC2
    ---------------port 3 PC3
    ---------------port 4 - uplink ---- to get a additonal 5 port switch (linksys) run another ethernet cable to the netgear wireless router, turn off DHCP Server in the Netgear Wireless Router and give it a static IP address:,
    subnet mask:
    default gateway:
    (if you could use the netgear as a WAP/AP wireless access
    point you would be better off doing that.

    Use wireless repeaters (WAP/AP) bridge to fill in the dead area spots) That's what I do to bring it from signal strenght: very good to excellent.

    Belkin cheap Wireless Router G 54mbps F5D7230-4 works great for this purpose.

    I would put the netgear near the area where you keep the wireless laptop but then again if you want to roam around the house and go outside you should think about getting wireless repeater or pick-up $34 to $39 cheap Belkin.
  9. Tedster

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    simple. Add a wireless access point to your wired router. Voila - now you have wireless in the house. I had a similiar problem 2 months ago.
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