New 300gig drive - three 100gig partitions - 98SE won't cooperate

By Jimbeau
Mar 27, 2006
  1. I bought V-Comm OS Commander so I could dual boot 98SE with XP on my new 300gig drive. After struggling with it for several days I gave up on using it. It kept hanging up, but at least I was able to use it to create three 100gig primary partitions (to get around the 98SE 120gig limit) on this drive. The fdisk utility on the 98SE boot floppy wouldn't let me partition the whole drive.
    I had problems getting 98SE to 'see' the partitions on this drive as a single master, so I figured I'd see how it worked as a slave drive. Now, even using this drive as a slave, I can't get 98SE to reliably 'see' the three partitions. I have named the partitions part1, part2, & part3. It keeps wanting to add an additional third partition which appears as a 'mirror' of part3.

    I end up seeing this in windows explorer:
    C:\ (my old 40gig master drive)

    Right-click, show properties on D, E, F, & G shows 100gig each, even though F & G are the same partition. If I try to copy any files to F or G, the OS gets confused & crashes. Then I have to reboot & reformat the partition before it is seen correctly again. However, the fdisk utility will still see the three partitions correctly.
    Does anyone know why windows is getting confused with this? I know I should go to XP exclusively, but if I can make this work, I would be happier. I like the old interface & the old programs that work with it. Thanks.
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    I would try if your game to uninstall all
    use a good boot partition app like acronis(my choice)
    repartition drives and make it like this
    1st P is 15gb
    2nd P is 15gb
    then break up the rest in as even as you can keep the partitions amounts down you just waste drive space
    load w98se on the 2nd drive format as fat32
    when you can now boot from this go back and load xp
    in first P
    should now be able to boot from one or the other acronis writes a good boot manager by the way
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