New Allied 500w PSU FYI

By SOcRatEs
Jul 10, 2005
  1. I just bought a new Allied 500w PSU that keeps pace with Antec 480w.
    39.00$usd! From PC Club.
    The review link below has the same results I'm getting.
    It's proving to be good for OC'ing and stability.

    500 watt PSU

    If your looking to save a buck or two, consider one before they
    get popular and pricey.
    I'm runnin:
    7x80mm fans
    triple HDD fan
    1x120mm fan
    dual fan on 6800gt
    No led or light fx's
    1x pci fan
    My system seems to be stable & faster
    Plz check my profile for other details of my sys.
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