New Audigy 2 drivers

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Per Hansson

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Creative has uploaded new drivers for the Audigy2 with:

Improved front panel headphones support.
Correct surround-channel response when using EAX Effects presets.
System lock-up issue on dual processor and Hyper-Threading enabled systems resolved.
Improved MIDI playback.
Compatibility issue with NVIDIA® nForce(TM) onboard gameports resolved.

Click right here to download them. Thanks Anandtech!
UPDATE: If you are having problem downloading from this link check out Thomas post.
Just an FYI, there's some wierdness going on with the Creative download site. If you can't get it with Per's link then try the European Creative site. I downloaded both the new Driver & updated MediaSource DVD-Audio Player there without problems. its at, use a Manual update if it asks.
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