New Build alot interesting problems!

By Greg Dallaire
Nov 16, 2006
  1. Good Evening Guys i'm very impressed with the forum here so I thought i'd post my interesting situations.

    CPU Specs
    AMD FX55 Clawhammer 2.6
    ABIT AN8 32X MB
    2GB of DDR 400 Ram
    Basic DVD Burner
    2 Western Digital 150 RAPTORS SATA Raid 0

    We had no problems getting the OS installed and getting Raid Drivers installed by pressing F6 right away in the installation after countless BSOD's I did some research and found that alot of people were having similiar problems with Raid Drivers being over written when getting into windows. I slipstreamed a Windows XP CD with the Raid Drivers built in to avoid having them being over written.

    I also flashed the Bios to the newest setting. I finally get a somewhat stable system and then get a NTFS.sys error. I've researched this site and found alot of good information. My main problem is I can't get Windows XP during the install to do a normal format it seems to hang up every time. I run a quick format no problem at all. I'm assuming that because i'm doing this quick format thats where these ntfs error's are coming from.

    Have you guys been having problems formating the slow with these raided raptors.

    Let me know I appreicate all your professional insight
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