new build, asus k8vx mobo / sata 250g seagate barracuda, problems

By jls7997
Oct 13, 2005
  1. need help desparetly, new build, asus k8vx mobo, seagate hdd sata 250g, having major issues with the sata drive, i guess as to be expected, from what i've read at least. the hdd is reconized and i can start to load windows, but before i get out of the infamous blue screen, it replies that it can't copy viasraid.sys file.? well, i checked my floppy disk and that file is on it, now why can't it copy it ? i just feel stuck. i've even tried to downlaod new updates for my bios and the site is under construction, i also read somewhere that you should be able to change the bios from sata to ide, well, i can't find where to at all. so as you see i'm getting very frustrated. probably something real simple, i hope. maybe i need to recopy that file (that it can't copy) again. i've got an old, small, ide hdd installed as of now, just so i can try to find out what the problem is, and i'll switch out cables from one to another, to keep trying new things , so, please help me. all help appreciated, and very much needed. thanks
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