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New Build: Keyboard & Mouse Problem

By blind486
Jan 31, 2006
  1. mobo: MSI K8N NEO4-F
    cpu: AMD Athlon 64 3000
    keyboard/mouse: Logitech Internet Desktop Pro Black (PS/2)
    power supply: 450 watts (pre-installed in casing)

    Im building a new computer and assembling all the new stuffs that i brought. Everything works fine, except the keyboard and mouse issue. Here's the problem

    After a couple of secs or minutes, depending how long the system have been shutdown. The keyboard and mouse freezes, mouse starts to move erratic and also the num/caps/scroll lock in keyboard gets slow to respond when you press it and finally both PS/2 devices freezes. Even in BIOS i notice the keyboard will freeze in secs. or minutes. And sometimes it can't even detect the keyboard at all at start-up.

    My conclusions is that its kinda grounded, i disassembled everything and layed out the motherboard on a cardboard attached all the wires and everything that is needed... System went fine, i even waited like 30mins run 3dmark and problem never occured again. But at a time i put all things back together inside the casing, the same problem occured again.

    Keyboard and Mouse are really unstable, Luckily i made it to installing Windows XP SP2 and all the drivers needed in my build. It still works using USB keyboard/mouse, i already tried attaching other mouse/keyboard to the PS/2 ports, the same problem occured still. Im already annoyed shutting down the system again and again to activate the mouse/keyboard for just a short time.

    -Can it be grounded to the casing?
    -At first i thought problem is the motherboard itself,
    but how come it work fine when i layed it all without the case?
    -Can the front panel I/O connectors be responsible?
    -Is the plate that comes with the motherboard to be attached
    in the casing can be grounded?
    -How do u know if its grounded or not?

    Hope you can help me guys.
  2. blind486

    blind486 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay i've done the pc surgery again, remove all the things inside the casing and layed it all on the cardboard, this time it gotten worst. keyboard and mouse won't detect at all. so i decided to blame the motherboard and went to the computer shop where i brought it. i got the motherboard with memory & processor attached, videocard, and the harddisk.... only to find out that everything was working well, including the PS/2 port! now what did i missed? now i'm blaming the power supply, cause its the only thing that were left and untested. as i'm typing this post now, im using my Logitec Internet Pro Desktop Black, Keyboard & Mouse PS/2 in the office with no problems at all!

    There's nothing left to be blame but the power supply...Is it possible for it to cause such erratic/unstable PS/2 port connection? I also notice it once while im testing, after the keyboard and mouse hanged up, i heard a tiny clicking inside the PSU then the entire system shut down itself, but i didn't mind that. This is a generic 450 watts that is included in the casing that i brought. So what do you think guys?
  3. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    well generaly psu's that come with cases arn't of good quality (even if the case is full "mad" and stuff).. especialy noname branded ones, as 450w might just be 330 or something..
    But. Looking at your setup i shouldnt see any problems with power, although you might want to try reseating the cables to your mobo and cheking once again that all power related plugs are pluged up.. including the vid card (if it has one) and maybe a 4pin plug onthe mobo somewhere (seems t not get a constant supply..) and that clicking thing is abit strange (but i woulndt be 100% sure it has anything to do with it..)

    download everest home, and check teh voltages tehre and post here if you want.. it should tell you if it is the psu that needs replaceing or not.

    overall, i'd still say get a new one anyways.. look through this forum to see what a good quality/brand psu should be and how much power you need..
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