New Chess game from NVmax

By SuperCheetah
Mar 20, 2002
  1. There is a beta test Chess game from NVmax that is all in 3D so it look really cool. Here is a quote from

    3Dwin have got there hands on NVchess beta. A completely 3d rendered game of chess. The graphics are pretty amazing for a chess board and pieces.

    With this game of chess it concerns itself around a Game with newest technology, i.e. with pixel and Vertex Shader. It is one of the plays, which NVidia for its diagram cards would like to make available as demo. On the homepage von NVidia however still nothing is to find (at least was nothing to find), on the CeBIT that demo in a beta version was already demonstrated, which does not support yet all landscapes. We made a few Screenshots for you. If you should have interest likewise in the beta Game, then you read further.

    As you can tell by the wierd quote. It was translated from German to English but the download link is easy to find.

    Here is a download link:
    Just thought some of you chess crazy players might want to give it a try.
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