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Feb 20, 2005
  1. Hi. I have sorely needed a new computer for about a year. I finally have th emoney to get a new one and Since it is cheaper to build one I figured I want to try. I've never seen one put together but I've upgraded my old computer a few times. So I spent the last month educating myself.

    I've scouted all the parts I want to buy. I just wanted to know:

    • -are all parts compatible with each other?

    • -will SLI MoBo will Use solitary VGA card?

    • -Is SLI with another VGA cardworth the extra $220 cost?

    • -Win XP home or XP professional?

    • -Should I take the risk with my cash and build my own, or just go and buy a Superstore computer?

    I know It's a lot to look over but I could use the expertise and advice. I do have my cousin helping me. he has more experience than I do.

    Here's my Projected Computer and prices:

    Case: $155
    XS-Alien Aluminum Windowed ATX Tower
    Case with 500W PSU, Temp. LCD Display.

    CPU $265
    AMD Athlon 64 3500+ / 512KB Cache / 2000 MHz FSB
    / Socket 939 / Processor

    MotherBoard: $170
    MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum/SLI NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Chipset
    Socket 939 Athlon 64FX/64 800MHz FSB DDR400 PCI Express X16

    Memory: $150
    Corsair Dual Channel 1024MB DDR
    400MHz Memory ( 2 x 512MB )

    HDD: $175
    Western Digital 250GB 7200RPM Serial ATA SATA
    Caviar SE Hard Drive with 8MB Buffer

    Videocard: $195
    MSI NX6600GT GeForce 6600 GT 128MB
    DDR SLI Multi-GPU Ready PCI Express 16X

    Operating System: $140
    XP professional w/ SP 2

    Optical drive 1: $96
    Sony 16x4x16x DVD+RW / 8x4x16x DVD-RW Nero
    Burning software

    Optical drive 2: $30
    AOpen 16x DVD-ROM / DVD Drive

    Heatsink fan: $45
    Zalman LED Pure Copper Base CPU
    Cooler for socket 939

    Monitor $240
    Hyundai 17-Inch / 16ms / 1280 x 1024 /
    Silver-Black / LCD Monitor with Speakers

    Mouse: $10
    Diablo Black PS/2 Optical Mouse

    Keyboard: $10
    iConcepts Black PS/2 Internet Keyboard

    Speakers: $35
    XS-Alien 2.1 Gaming Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

    All together approx (guesstimated): 1,800

    actual total w/ S&H and TX : $1,800 (minus about 14 cents)

    Superstore Clone $2,750
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    Sounds like a nice system. I don't know the answers to all those questions, but her are the ones i do:

    1.) No, not all parts are compatible with eachother (although most are). Try looking at some of the manufacturers sites - you may be able to check compatibility. But you're unlikely to run into problems (in my opinion)

    4.) I would say win xp pro. XP is getting quite old now (can't wait for longhorn), so you should get the best version. Also try looking at microsoft's site to find out more about the free beta version of win xp 64 bit - the computer shop where i work has a copy , but i haven't had a chance to play around with it yet.

    5.) As long as you have some experience of working inside a computer, build it yourself. You will save money and you will get to choose the exact components and setup of the system. Ask your cousin to help you and post on this site whenever you want advice.

    Are you going to buy a retail or OEM processor - because if you're buying a retail processor, it will come boxed with a heatsink. Therefore you wouldn't need to buy another.

    Why not get a wireless keyboard and mouse combo set - everything looks so much better without wires.

    Do you know how to build a pc? - ie. the best/easiest order to do things in, precautions to take.

    If not i'd be happy to give advice
  3. Forge

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  4. andygibbs

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    OEM versions of hardware generally come in plain boxes, not the colourful retail boxes. They also don't come with a manual or instructions. In the case of processors, it usually means that it wouldn't be supplied with a heatsink.

    That processor you're looking at is an OEM - so wouldn't have a heatsink,

    The same shop does the retail version as well for a little more ($289.99) as opposed to the OEM version you're looking at ($264.99). That's $25 more, but if i remember right you were going to spend $49 on a heatsink, which you would no longer need, so it would be $24 cheaper overall to get a retail version - plus you'll get a nice box, sticker and some more information (and spend an extra 10 minutes trying to hack your way into the plastic retail box).

    Here's the link to the retail version:

    have you got msn messenger - if you want more advice it's a lot quicker to talk that way, because these are some quite lengthy posts. If you have it post your address
  5. Forge

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    MSN messenger... wow. It's been a long time since i used that one. Normally I only use AIM Don't know anyone on MSN. and since My current comp is so slow and crappy I only keep one on at a time. Bea runs out of energy pretty quick then has to take a nap. stubborn POS. anyways my MSN name is
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