New computer, is this a good set up?

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Hey, how does this sound for a reasonably cheap computer that will perform well for games? heres the setup: 1 nvidia 6800 gt 256 mb, 1 AMD 64 athalon 4000+ processor, 1 1gig stick of low latency RAM, and i havent decided on what case or what cooling or my mother board, and i was hoping that someone could help me figure out what case and cooling and mother board i should get, and if this is a good setup to perform well for games.


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"reasonably cheap"
Ok, I guess that depends on your budget, I'd call that expensive, the 4000+ is more money than I'd spend on a cpu.

If it was me, (which it's not), I'd get a 3000+ or 3200+ cpu and overclock it(even if it doesn't oc, it still is a decent cpu), and use the money I saved from not getting a 4000+ to get a 7800gtx graphics card.
So you take your 6800gt's price and add it to the money you'd save by going from 4000+ to a 3000+, and you'd have enough to get a 7800gtx.

Yeah, that'd be a good setup for games.

If you get a retail cpu, you wouldn't need any cpu cooling, and a decent case should come with a few fans.

I have the Chaintech vnf4ultra motherboard, I like it for a budget board.
People seem to like the dfi ultra d ut 939 motherboard, but it can be picky about ram.

Did you want a sli capable board?


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a64's realize the best price/performance value when purchasing models in the 3000-3800 range, 3800 being a bit over the top as it is. and a 6600gt based card would be a better choice, because they can be had at great prices. i'd stick to name brand models with high clock speeds that match or exceed the nvidia reference specs.

that said, i reccomend the:
-msi k8n neo4 motherboard
-a64 3400+ (winchester or newcastle)
-msi nx6600gt graphics card

i've put together some machines already, and said part combination is high in performance and isn't overwhelming budgetwise. a $33 (USD) raidmax case and a maxtor diamondmax 9 6y120mo sata drive does the trick all right.

and yes, the a64 4000 and the 6800 graphics card you listed is already around the $1000 mark (USD).


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Hi i think that the set up you have there is really good but yet it is expensive if you got the money go for it!.

MSI maybe not the best decision for mainboard / graphics card.

I suggest Sapphire / Gigabyte graphics cards.
I also suggest maybe an ASUS / Gigabyte mainboard.
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