New Computer: Monitor no signal

By johnt2008
Nov 10, 2006
  1. I have just built a new computer and when I push the power switch, the computer lights up and the fans spin, but the monitor is not receiving signal. The computer also does not beep.

    I have searched this problem up and tried many suggestions but still no luck. First I unplugged all of my parts and re plugged them back together. I turned the computer on with the only the video card and it was continiously beeping. Then I checked if the 4 pin PSU connector was connected to the mobo. Next I plugged a different monitor to the computer but it also had no signal. Last I used only 1 memory stick and then switched it to the other memory stick. I also tried re-seating the CPU and the videocard several times.
    This is my second built computer and I did not have this problem on my other computer.

    AMD 64 3800+ 939
    Corsair 1GB(512x2)
    Geforce 6600 PCIe-16x
    MAXTOR 160GB
  2. Easy

    Easy TS Rookie


    No video on new computer and beeping, You have memory trouble. Try reseating your memory chips. If this doesn't work try placing one memory chip in 0 socket then try the other chip in 0 socket. this will isolate your bad chip. Have memory chips tested. Your trouble is memory chips or chips sockets.
  3. riekmaharg2

    riekmaharg2 TS Rookie Posts: 137

    This problem might not be memory. I had a new computer like yours, all I did was reset the BIOS and it worked. Also I heard somepeople recevied there motherboards with the BIOS jumper set to reset.
  4. dropzone2006

    dropzone2006 TS Rookie

    abit is notorious for that...there should be a jumper next to the batt labled jp1
    remove it and then try power on
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